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Members of the Zeta Alpha Tau sorority. All members of this select purchased friend club fall into this category with few exceptions. The word is a combination of what they call themselves, Zeta, and what they all are, cunts.
Where did all the zunts come from?

You aren't going to be a zunt are you?
por jorge smith 29 de Setembro de 2010
The word CUNT pronounced with a strong German slang accent.
Dude, her zunt was puffy and smelled like old lobsters.
por ZuntleCapacitorWavelength 22 de Setembro de 2013
Zipper front pants and cunt. A female who wears the pants in a female to female relationship.
Look at that lesbian, she is Zunt in that chicks life.
por ROB & CORY 15 de Março de 2005
A person, generally male, who sniffs the seats of women's bicycles. (Attested: eastern Massachusetts, late 1950s)
Last night I saw some hairy old zunt hanging around the library's bike rack.
por Hippoclid 27 de Novembro de 2009
a Blunt.
hey, you wanna come over for a zunt?
por stangobsession 09 de Agosto de 2010