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A person who is emotionally and/or physically weak and ineffectual. Mostly used to describe men who exhibit traditional female passivity.
He was too much of a wuss to say anything when the waiter overcharged him $30.

Paul was a wuss and rode the ski lift back down the hill.
por Carey Schug 25 de Janeiro de 2008
A big fat pussy who takes it like a bitch.
You are a wuss
por pussy, man 27 de Agosto de 2009
A Wuss, A scaredy cat. one who daredent.
Wuss - Sarah and Lauren
por Sazs slave 06 de Janeiro de 2009
Weekend Shit Syndrome (W.S.S.)- The onset of a significant bowel movement, usually after the consumption of alchol, thus it most often occurs during the weekend.
I feel a wuss coming on.
Pull over the car! I have to wuss NOW.
por Cara, Summer, Alex 22 de Maio de 2008