A game were nobody but the company taking your money wins. Often replaces one's social life.
Obese gamer: *Snort*OMFG!! I'm almost to Level 49!!! Lawlz!!!
---3 thousand miles away at Blizzard Entertainment---
Blizzard CEO: Wow! Who knew soaking in a swimming pool full of Cristal and women could be so fun! Release the World of Warcraft expansion pack, so I can afford the house of solid gold!
por BMS 18 de Junho de 2006
A game that manages by some divine power to completely waste your life and lets you have fun while doing so.
"I'm $50,000 into debt because of all the gold I bought off of ige.com, and I have to pay child support for my wife who divorced me, but I'm happy, because I have a Level 50 Palladin and can gank all the noobs I want."
por placebo 01 de Fevereiro de 2005
World of Warcraft- WoW is kind of like smoking. You don't see what all the fuss is about in the beginning, until one of your friends gives you a free taste. Still, you can't see how addicting it is until you have tried it a few times. Then you start buying it, and using it by the bundle, and you can't seem to stop. You'll do anything just to get a few good hours in with your favorite pasttime. You slowly start to lose touch with former friends and family, and meet lots of strange new people with a similar addiction. Prolonged use can lead to death. It's very difficult to get out of your system, you must rely on the strangth of others, for your willpower has ben sapped.
General Surgeons Warning- Not intended for oral or anal use. WoW shouldn't be used if you suffer from seizures or are an expectant mother. Side effects include obsession, nausea, vomiting, and pink eye. Ask you doctor before using.
I've wasted 1,000 hours of my life playing World of Warcraft. The closest I've spent this much on time on something is porn. - cyberNinja62333
por HomocidalRobot 22 de Julho de 2006
A MMORPG action-oriented, strategy-based, game in which hundreds of thousands of people gather in server-like communities and help each other do their biddings. This game is divided into serveral categories in which players have the oppertunity to choose from one of two confederations; Alliance, and Horde. They then will be divided into eight races; the Horde will get the Orc's, Troll's, Undead's, and the Tauren's. The Alliance will get the Human's, Gnome's, Dwarve's, and the Night Elve's. The races also come equipped with their own racialized mount, such as a horse for the Humans, as well as special bonus attributes. Those races will then be divided into 9 classes, each race will get 4-6 classes (pending on the race); Mage, Druid, Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, Rougue, Warlock, and Hunter. From that you will be able to choose two primary professions such as; mining/blacksmith, along with as many secondary professions you desire, such as a fisherman. You will then have a choice to customize your character from gender, model details, and name. From then on, you will get to choose which type of skills you will use to help aid your quest, as well as what weapons/armors you will gather.
World of Warcraft is an immense 3D world in which over 250 000 people come and let Blizzard drain their money with their pay-as-you-go internet billing fee, saying hey look at me, I'M MAKING YOU ALL PAY!!! MUH HU HAHAHA!!!!
por The Legend of Zelda 26 de Novembro de 2004
a game played by millions of people who don't realize that they have signifigant others who haven't heard from them in ages.
friend of WoW player- "hey sara and i are gonna go eat out, want to come? you can take your girlfriend"

WoW player- "oh shit! i have a what? i promised to call her two weeks ago!"
por WoW widow 14 de Agosto de 2005
what is the reason i got rejected from all the colleges i applied to
You: hey how are your college applications going?
Me: stfu im playing World of Warcraft
por L2P 10 de Setembro de 2006
An entertaining online computer game, acting as a substitute for life for some players.
Normal Warcraft Player: You're on 24/7. You live and breathe through your character. You know more about this game than most GM's. Do you have a life?

Addicted Player: Yeah. World of Warcraft IS my life.

Normal Player: Then how do you pay for it?

Addicted Player: I have a job. I sell gold.
por Normal Warcraft Player 10 de Maio de 2006
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