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This word can be used to describes the space in between a ladies breasts. This space can be used for a number of things; Windbreakers is defined to specifically describe the process of using this space to light cigarettes in windy conditions.
I need a smoke, hook me up with those windbreakers princess, its way too windy on this damn boat deck
por papabadger 05 de Setembro de 2010
3 1
Anyone who breaks wind, either accidently or intentionally, e.g. for competitive purposes.
Shortly after a meal of sauerkraut, beans and beer, I turn into a real windbreaker
por Crappy Chris 26 de Março de 2010
3 4
a girl with a large/long nose
Boy 1: so do you like that girl over there?
Boy 2: no way, like i'd go for a wind breaker
por OMGITzJustin 23 de Fevereiro de 2011
3 5
what my friends wear to school.

an insult

a funny word

when someone farts
ur such a windbreaker.

im wearing my new windbreaker tomorrow!
por Flamyc 11 de Maio de 2010
6 12