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A yucky icky futile sex organ that gets all soggy when its hungry and bleeds for 6 days without dying!
The vagina defiles the rules put out in predator... If it bleeds we could kill it!
por FurFur 27 de Janeiro de 2009
The Woman's black hole
that vagina just swallowed yet another tampon
por Sinnir1 23 de Agosto de 2009
An acidic wormhole to another dimension. It also has fangs.
Did your phone get sucked up in your vagina again?
por fireguardiancoty 18 de Julho de 2008
An equivalent word used to mean BALLS.
"You don't have the vagina to stand up for yourself."
por Vaginal 22 de Janeiro de 2007
1)once a month is the sorce of a womans "bitchy" bahavior and sexual setbacks this is commonly referd to as their period.
"when the river flows it flows red"
por T dizzle 07 de Junho de 2005
a sensitive spot between female thighs
opening for a man to stick his dick inside until he is satisfied
Dude, she has one hot vagina!
por AIDS MAN 24 de Maio de 2006