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When a man's penis, whether hard or not, is pointing upwards in his pants against his stomach. Usually happens when laying down, but is most uncomfortable standing up.
*whispers to Dalton sitting next to him in class* Dude, I'm up so up north right now, but I don't want anyone to see me adjust myself.
por poophed 13 de Fevereiro de 2014
0 0
North of Yonkers
He got sent up north/up the river
por What's Mah Name 19 de Janeiro de 2004
5 5
The upper peninsula of Michigan.
Up north is a virtual mystery to those of us from the lower peninsula.
por JenThe80'sFan 12 de Maio de 2004
18 23
The north of England. Anywhere from Northumbria south to Derbyshire. Home to a bunch of inbred mutants, and the League Of Gentlemen. Wierd people.
Northerner: Aye ther, oim from oop naurth. Me 'usband's me broother.

Me: Piss off!
por godjesus 22 de Janeiro de 2004
19 28