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in gastronomy a tsp is a teaspoon
1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp garlic-ginger paste

1 tsp sugar
por _dxd_ 29 de Agosto de 2007
21 8
An acronym for Tina Sex Party. In other words, a hyper sexual orgy fueled by meth.
Hey, are you going to the TSP this weekend? Yes, I'm going to make certain and give myself two enemas before I get gang banged.
por Angelboy147 13 de Julho de 2010
12 6
Nuther spellin' for da Shipwrecked Pirates. Most fearsome set of seadogs dat ever sailed on da seas!
Tis' a bad day when ya face TSP.
por Aradorn 23 de Janeiro de 2007
17 15
An abbreviation for TriSodium Phospate-a strong cleaning chemical dissolved into water.
"Ralph-stop eating the TSP! We haven't washed the north side of the house yet!"
por CIL 20 de Dezembro de 2006
7 15
Abbreviation for Tracy Search Party. A group of young girls who constantly loose their beer funnel, Tracy. Tracy has a face on the actual funnel and TSP member names written along the tube. Tracy was born in the summer of 2006 and was constantly misplaced. Frequently, TSP members awake in the morning to call each other and ask, "Where is Tracy?" Thus formed the Tracy Search Party.
"Does anyone know where Tracy went last night?"
"I think someone said she was in a hot tub for a few hours?"
"Time to call a TSP meeting."
por Ro Bee 13 de Novembro de 2006
2 13
TSP- Also known as The Side Project. tsp is the best band ever.

Listen to
Wow, I have never herd a band quite as good as TSP.
por brendon 28 de Março de 2005
9 22
cleary it stands for Two Stupid People
my dad and i saw tsp im their truck.
por ohjayvee 30 de Abril de 2005
2 27