A total funny mofo who is the drummer for Green Day. Like A Rat Does Cheese is a totally funny song. Dominated Love Slave is funny. DUI is my new fave song of his... And I have a "Who The Fuck Is Tre Cool?" cursor... just thought I would share that :p
"Suck my dick til your lips fall off, don't make ma ask again, pleeeeeeeeeease!" (Like A Rat Does Cheese)
"I wanna be your dominated love slave... I wanna be the one who takes the pain..." (Dominated Love Slave)
"Lets get drunk and go out driving..." (DUI)
por Monique 04 de Abril de 2005
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Tre Cool is the amazing drummer of Green Day. Born Frank Edwin Wright III, Tre joined the band when the original drummer left. Tre collects drumkits and plays like thunder. He has the energy of a bee, the speed of a cheetah and the rage of a rabid dog. Probably.
Me :
"Look! It's Tre Cool from Green Day!"
Tre : "who?"
por The Lilac Pilgrim 07 de Novembro de 2004
One talented man who is the drummer in the awesome band, Green Day. This guy is like a windup crack monkey! He has awesome facial expressions and throws his drum sticks in the air all the time... as you do...
Tre never lets you down if you see in live in concert. Hes a-ma-zing. One monkey I would like to personally spank.

I wanna be your dominated love slave, i wanna be the one who takes the pain. You can spank me when i do not behave... etc etc blah blah blah. - 'Dominated Love Slave'
Who the fuck's Tre Cool?!?!

A Windup monkey on crack... ok ok... viagra!
por Sarah H 10 de Março de 2005
A very sexy drummer from a band called green day who took the place of ex drummer John kriftmeyer (AKA the bitch who kidnaped tre in my nightmare) after leaving for god knows what after became to be known as a very sexy ass drummer. Also you can hear him sing in Dominated Love Slave All By Myself DUI Rat Does Cheese and Rock and Roll Girlfriend. When singing Dominated love slave he makes girls swoon.
Tre Cool actually Sang dominated love slave to me so I decided to tie him up and have kinky sex with him!
por Mzz NoRkA CoOl 18 de Dezembro de 2005
Very cool. Actually that isn't even how you spell it. But i'm not complaining. Because Tre is the hottest guy IN the universe, the best drummer of them all, and also the funniest most crazy guy ever. Also the object of affection of Celina. I.e. me. Because I have made out with his feet which were standing on the stage by my house. Things he has done:
1)Climbed the globe thing at universal studios, the only person to ever do that.
2) Eaten cement. Along with clumps of a women's period.
3)Had a testicle pushed inside him. Now has but one testicle. Still, I love him.
4) Had sex with BJ. They were very drunk. He has kids. He is not gay.
5) Wishes to dress in drag for the possible AI movie. I'll be the first one in theaters.
6) Many, many things unmentionable to this public.
Tre says... "Condoms are for sailors!"
por dmntdlveslve 21 de Junho de 2005
THe Frickin coolest drummer in the universe!!
So talented, always horny!
Tre cool fuckin rocks.
por True Irish Lassie 14 de Maio de 2005
A kick ass crazy ass drummer from the awesome band Green Day!!!He's a very good drummer, and has an awesome stage prescence. He's also very VERY GOOD LOOKIN!!!
Tre Cool is awesome!!!He's welcome to come and play his skeehcssa's any time with me and Super S!
por Super L 19 de Março de 2005

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