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Acting and or dressing like a tool.
Graphic tees such as Ed Hardy and Affliction.
Spiking hair.
Repediatley using words like hella.
Gym, tan, laundry.
por Sbatt93 08 de Maio de 2010
chillin', doing nothing, or doing nothing interesting.
Kid #1-whassup?
Kid #2- oh im just toolin' around the kitchen. you?
por jahabes 26 de Dezembro de 2009
Super, ultra cool.
Man, that concert was toolin'!
por TOOLINGAL 25 de Março de 2004
Verb:The act tooling someone/something. To own someone/somthing.

Adj:something that is far better then good.
Verb: A friend speaking to the person tooling;"Nigga, you are toolin their ass"

Adj:I told Kevin his camaro was toolin, but we all knew the real truth since it was stock...
por FATHERFORD 26 de Dezembro de 2003