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When a woman pushes her tits together, and the man slides his cock in between and thrusts (as you do) resulting in the woman recieving a pearl necklace
"Slide your hard dick in between my fat baps and I'll give you a tit wank! Oh! and I get a present aswell! You know how I love pearls!"
por anonymous 15 de Maio de 2003
804 306
The act of pleasuring oneself by thrusting the erect member between a generous pair of bristols. Typically concludes with the delivery of a pearl necklace.
Phwoaar! She's got a shirtfull. I'd love a good titwank in those.
por titwanker 10 de Abril de 2003
380 127
The act in which a male places his erect penis in between a womans breasts and then the woman pushes them in out towards the erect penis. The man rubs his penis up and down the chest causing a perl neclase to leave the mans bell end, and form around the front of the chest of the woman. During such a proccess the woman does not orgasm
After making my cliterus intense, i repaid him by giving him a tit wank, him being so generous offered me a pearl neckless also for which i repaid him with head.
por JakeDaniels 05 de Setembro de 2005
337 209
when a girl pushes her beautiful babalons together and the man rams his erect penis up and down the middle of them.
Bernard- "Cor' Blimey Did I Give Margeret A fuckin' Last Night. And A Neat Tit Wank!"
por Joe Nazmdeh 05 de Novembro de 2005
339 215
The mans entirely unselfish act of thrusting between a generous pair of bristols for sexual gratification. Usual result is referred to as a Pearl Necklace.
Phwoaar! She's got a shirtfull. I couldn't half fancy a titwank in those.
por titwanker 10 de Abril de 2003
168 96
<verb><noun> Slang;

1) To rub one's genitals between a pair of breasts to cause orgasm.

2) Offensive slang; An insult.
1) "Oh my god, I am having the uberest orgasm ever due to this extremely nice tit-wank you have bestowed upon my person."

2) "Dave, you silly tit-wank get back here before I burn your gerbil."
por Stuart Fletcher 18 de Janeiro de 2005
54 25
Usually associated with knob in tits scenario,but can also mean wanking a womans tits off to orgasm,great to watch!
Tit wank love,i am having a great wank watching!
por rudi 28 de Outubro de 2006
168 145