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(noun) orig. Portland, Oregon. 1) soft porn website/community made famous for being outside the realm of traditional beauty because instead of fake blonde hair models have fake pink hair and do not yet menstruate. Also notable for allowing models to feel rebellious by using using their looks for attention, a feat never been attempted by women prior to the site's inception.
2) also known as the site that rendered the word "empowerment" completely meaningless.
Suicide Girls are subversive, independentsexual pioneers who need constant praise and smiling emoticons to continue functioning.
por jealous reject, obviously 19 de Julho de 2004
1410 227
1.a webcommunity started by Missy Suicide, as a haven for the women of subcult to do artsy pin-ups. Peirced, tatooed, dyed and otherwise subculture girls coming together to take nude pictures. Recognized by playboy, Rolling Stones, and high end celebraties, its becoming a (somewhat) underground phenomena.
2. girls having, or trying to commit the act of suicide.
1. Missy Suicide is helluv pimp, and from Portland. i wanna be a SG (model).
2. i wanna be a suicide girl, and die.
por sub-rosa 22 de Dezembro de 2004
643 262
A community of beautiful girls, inked, pierced and happily mutilated to perfection getting naked for each other and everyone else.
Have you seen the Suicide Girls site?
check it out at
por Young Jedi 05 de Maio de 2005
525 356
SuicideGirls is a website that features erotica and text profiles of goth, punk, and emo -styled young women who themselves are known as the "SuicideGirls". It also functions as an online community with member profiles and message boards, and features interviews with major figures in popular and alternative culture. Access to most of the site requires a paid membership. Many similarly themed websites have since appeared elsewhere on the world wide web.
Missy Suicide was the founder.
To apply to be a suicide girl, or to become a member of their site (to be able to view the pictures) you have to be atleast 18 years of age, older in some places.
What website are you on?
Suicide Girls of course!!

When I'm older I'm going to become a Suicide Girl.

SG panties!!
por Helen Ashton 31 de Outubro de 2006
291 137
A large website of punk and goth pin-ups. SG is also known for it's poor treatment towards it's models and it's arrogent and racist owner, Sean. With exclusive contracts that will not allow the girls to model for other websites and harassment of members that refuse to conform to their beliefs. In addition, they've been known for ghosting (taking over the profiles of models, and pretending they're active) and then denying them access. Please see the livejournal community sgirls for more details. (ask about it!)
Man, did you see that site, suicidegirls? It's like playboy with tattoos!
por Jinxie 23 de Dezembro de 2004
195 97
Desperate girls who want people to tell them they are cool so they can espouse their fake punk nihilistic delusions and think they are sooo ahead of the times and superior to normal girls who actually are beautiful and don't have to be cock teases to get approval.
Pete: Damn, those suicide girls think they are they are the shit.
Jake: Yeah, too bad they are posers and desperate losers!
por c_note 30 de Outubro de 2004
227 142
A girl with piercings, tattoos, unnaturally colored hair, and a penchant for nudity and danger.
There were a couple of total suicidegirls at the party I was at last night flashing guys before they got drunk and beat the crap out of my girlfriend.
por jimmy 21 de Abril de 2003
115 64