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SuicideGirls suffer the same fate as punk music did: their subversiveness is repackaged in commodity form and sold because of its subversiveness. Knowledge of the conservative agenda of the owner should prove this, the owner differentiates between a liberal ideology and the rebellion of aesthetics, because he regards rebellion as product. The "rebellious" aesthetic of the model is confused with progress and liberation, when it essentially presents a new way of preserving the interest of the masculine gaze.

The SuicideGirls are Venuses of rebellion, to adolescents characterized by a rebellious attitude or to men in their middle-ages who understand rebellion as sexual. The tattoos and the piercings becomes emblems of a marginalized form of aesthetic beauty, but by process, turn into objects of fetishization. The viewer either recognizes his or her own personality/aesthetic in the model or meditates over the Otherness of the model, an Otherness which makes her untouchable. To the viewers in the latter category, SuicideGirls represent an idealized escapism from "normal" sexuality or "normal" aesthetic taste into the world of rebellious Otherness.
Dude! Did you ever realize the psychological repercussions of the fetishization of the SuicideGirls? Those tattoos are so hot!
por Mizraim 18 de Novembro de 2006
85 51
A trendy attention whore who models on a sleazy, ultra-commercialized, subculture exploitative web site run by racist assholes.
That suicidegirl used to sell herself on stileproject all the time.
por cellophane 16 de Junho de 2004
128 96
A sexploitation site for young punk and gothic women run by jewish perverts. Otherwise known as "Naive Girls" or "Lemming Girls". Think Playboy with different hair and makeup. Over 800 young women were tricked into stripping off their clothes and dignity for this vile, sleazy and depressing site. Predictably, Suicide Girls never did make selling your body to a grubbing middle eastern pervert cool, although true to form, not enough of the ex SG models are empowered enough to warn younger girls of the flattering hand of sexual exploitation in their blogs and myspace profiles.

Hundreds of models left the site after being exploited by the site's owners. The lack of empathy toward the models was a shock for some of the clueless wonders, who after all had agreed to strip off for a site which literally translates to "Fucking Kill Yourself Girls" .
1) Naive young woman: "I'm going to be a Suicide Girl, make Rolling Stone, marry a rock star"

2) SuicideGirls: "Here's your $150, get your tits out and get out of my face."

3) Pictures end up used on hardcore porn sites years later.
por Chris White50 09 de Janeiro de 2008
56 42
An "alternative" pin up site with a bunch of "artsy" shots of tattooed and genitalia pierced females looking to "redefine beauty". They are sure doing a great job, since beauty redefining includes shiny colored hair, showing your breasts and your tattooed and pierced cunt.
Suicide Girls are redefining beauty. </end sarcasm>
por Alik Paz 18 de Junho de 2008
205 199
A non-traditional girl-friend who a man dates as an act of rebellion, potentially resulting in the downward spiral of his mainstream, corporate life, (i.e. lusting after subculture chicks causes social status suicide).
My friend Pete is going through a mid-life crisis. He started dating a punked-out 'suicide girl' last month.


Joe was married and had a good job before he met his 'suicide girl' at the coffee shop.
por Doink2 28 de Junho de 2007
109 111
A website where girls who claim to be all about not conforming, conform to the site's standards of hardXcore looks. Photo quality can be cheap, as well as the poses.
I'm so hardcore, I'm on suicide girls.
por drdrd 23 de Setembro de 2005
438 442
girls starved for attention who post naked pictures of themselves online, spend thousands of dollars on tattoos, hair dye, piercings and clothes and listen to whatever music is deemed cool by the guys they want to fuck.
why do all of the suicide girls look alike?
por jake L 08 de Fevereiro de 2007
374 380