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To use personal power to push others around. Sometimes not in a physical sense.
"If my wife does not shut up I'm going to have to strong arm her."

"The leader of the group was able to strong arm everyone into leaving all their other groups."
por VicHek 02 de Junho de 2004
180 25
throwing it back like a boss
Stop being a little bitch and strong arm that tequila
por Kabekah 13 de Julho de 2011
18 8
To punch someone with all force causing them to drop
Damn, he just strongarmed him!
por Jokachild 23 de Janeiro de 2009
3 0
The act of taking someone's possesions with them knowing it.
Sam- yo Dave. If he got your money on him. strongarm his ass for dat shit.
por Maddlion 28 de Fevereiro de 2006
18 15
To fuck a girl so hard that she bleeds
Yo, i strong armed the shit outta a girl last night
por Julius Brown 04 de Março de 2008
20 93
givin a girl the ol' strong arm.

stickin it to her.

bangin her out.

having sex.
Oh man, I gave Mary the ol' strong arm last night, she loved it. I'm gonna go over her house again tonight to dip the wick again.
por rayjay 05 de Novembro de 2004
19 99