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The act of throwing someone on the ground and stepping on the very hard over and over again. This is extremely painful. Only do this to people whom you don't like.
Don't get Martin mad, or he'll stomp you.
por B and K 10 de Março de 2005
230 47
To dance to kickin' dance music, usually in the harder area of dance music; techno, hard trance/house, dnb, hardstyle...where you can really just go for it!
As soon as that tune came on there was nothing else I could do but have a vicious stomp!
por TryxX 24 de Janeiro de 2007
91 37
(n) to get beat the fuckup. a good stomping usually involves a good ass beating first, then once the person is on the ground -- he gets STOMPED.
"that bitch got stomped so bad, she turned to wine" / KRS-one
por dj_quik 03 de Maio de 2006
81 44
The one Normal attack in Pokemon that can halt your Ghost-type right in it's tracks. Whitney's Miltank knows it and fucks over so many people.
Trainer: Alright! This gym battle is mine!

Announcer: Whitney sent out Miltank!

Trainer: Ha! My Haunter will win easily!

Announcer: Miltank used Stomp! Its super effective!

Announcer: Haunter fainted!!

Trainer: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!!!
por live action cow 27 de Maio de 2010
24 9
"look at that girl's stomps! wish i had a pair like that.."
por ayyyyy gurl 19 de Setembro de 2009
5 1
jazz dances
Sykes took her frequently to Winter Park to 'stomps'.
por Valdas 20 de Novembro de 2011
2 0
From mountain biking: when a rider successfully rides a stunt/lands a jump.
He really stomped it!
por bilco 11 de Janeiro de 2004
28 26