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The only good prep school in the DC area, not rife with thieves, meatheads, and tea-bagging faggots (Prep)
No I don't want to lick your scrotum or steal computers, I don't go to Prep or Landon - I go to St. Albans.

St Albans is the tits.
por Pizzzzzzle 07 de Dezembro de 2005
197 135
a proper ghetto town in hertfordshire wid drive-bys and shit, der is turf wars and everything.
guy 1: yo, wanna go St. Albans
guy 2: u wanna get killd in da ghetto ur stupid man.
por ghetto gangsta 03 de Setembro de 2005
76 38
A well known private school located on Mount St. Albans in the DC Metro Area. They have other schools located in other countries such as England, Japan, and even South Africa. (and omg they fawking kick ass). Althought they are known for their high education and athletics and blah blah blah, lets get into the dirt. I mean, its an all guy school. Like landon, (their ultimate rival school which they get so jealose of and just hate because most NCS girls think theyr the shit) there are some big headed, cocky ass man whores. Their sister school (NCS aka National Cathedral School) often complains about their lack of hotness althought there are a few a attractive guys, but not enough to go around each grade so the end up just dating the same like 6 or so guys. There are some nice guys, and antisocial ones. Their campus is great but half of it looks like Harry Potter. They have a giant ass chess set. They usually go for Holton or Stone Ridge girls. The problem of dating them if you go to NCS is that everyone will know everything you do.
St. Albans boy: Heyy, you ready for win fo?
NCS girl: Hell yeaa!
STA boy: Who ya going with?
NCS girl: Mhh, I meet this hot Landon boy at a track meet!
STA boy: Gay.
por AintFromMeanGirls 04 de Janeiro de 2011
35 16
Suburb in the west of Melbourne, Australia. High chances of you getting poisoned by a pork roll or being mugged by a fierce homeless granny wearing mockies (see 'mockies').
'hey moite, duz siz trayn goda s'nawb'ns?'
por Athene 'n' Mah Davels 21 de Maio de 2003
28 23
A City 10 miles outside North London, England where all the other St. Albans got their name from due to English colonisation on other continents.
Paul: Lets go on the pull in St. Albans tonight.

Simon: I don't know Paul, they all rich bitches out there who are well desperate.

Paul: And the problem is?

Simon: You're right. Lets go.
por Monkey Dave 19 de Junho de 2004
38 34
City in West Virginia
St.Albans, West Virginia, SA, Saint Albans, St.Albans, WV
por anonomous3105 03 de Outubro de 2008
8 5
A children's hospital in London founded in 1852
Have you ever been to St Albans?
Isn't that a city in southern Herfordshire?
por Georginger 19 de Dezembro de 2012
3 4