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Son of the bitch
I don't want to see u again, u sotb.
por ??? 02 de Agosto de 2003
20 28
south of the border
i'm going to get some drugs sotb
por cak 10 de Outubro de 2003
10 26
Someone Oughta Touch Boot-ay
(On spring break; at the beach) "Look at all of des nice girls, man SOTB.
por MrSniff 20 de Março de 2007
1 20
An acronym for Sex on the Brain.
The Coroner's report, referring to a guy who had been knocked down by a bus whilst surveying all the attractive women on a hot summer's day, stated that the primary cause of death was SotB
por Stias 13 de Agosto de 2005
3 22
sex on the beach
bartender get me a sotb
por cak 10 de Outubro de 2003
2 22