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just incredible amazement, so fucking fun
Me: You own a beer?
Dude: Ya
Me: That Slays me
Dude: You say slays too?
Me: Ya, its the best way to describe someone who owns a beer!
por dumbfuck18 12 de Fevereiro de 2008
63 59
killed it. succeeded in something amazing.
Miley's new album slayed
por tsant 09 de Outubro de 2013
635 138
to mercilessly fuck, bone and or screw a shady/skanky girl
1) I would definately slay that chick!

2) I slayed the fuck out of that hoocker last night!

3) Slay that bitch!

4) Freddy is off slaying fat bitches...
por karmaster 19 de Março de 2006
950 609
To dip; to use chewing tobacco, also used as a noun to mean dip. commonly used to discretely suggest to another that the two should go to dip in the bathroom. The phrase "Slay all dayyyyy" is used by non dippers to ridicule the dippers because at one time the phrase was quite common in the dipping community and taken seriously. The word is still in use although a few teachers and administrators in the area have discovered the meaning rendering the term un-usable in their presence.
Harrison: hey man lets go slay a grizzly in the bathroom

Riv Dog: Slay all dayyyyyy

Teacher: I know what that means.

Harrison: shit
por IslayGrizzly 27 de Dezembro de 2011
261 158
The act of having sexual encounters with someone.
I slayed the hell out of her last night!
por Stainer 02 de Agosto de 2004
462 378
To destroy someone. Mainly cretins.


"Damn what a fucking cretin, SLAY HIM!"


"U fkn cunT i slAy u"
por Psych0ticDreams 01 de Setembro de 2012
159 81
To go out drinking and take home a sexual partner.
I'm going to slay Jed tonight, no matter what it takes.
por sailorcharlie 28 de Junho de 2012
134 70
How someone may respond when something outlandish or surprising is said.
"Omgah...that slays me!"
por MelissaDv 24 de Junho de 2005
121 64