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Calm down, chill out.
Simmer down!
por Dominick 14 de Janeiro de 2004
209 25
simmer down - in northen england meaning to 'calm down'
That girl looks like shes in a rage! 'simmer down' love!
por yeiizcool 12 de Novembro de 2010
41 7
When being told to 'Simmer Down' you are inevitably being told to shut the fuck up.
girl: like, omgz! i just got this like awesome new shirt! its pink and, like omg its aweesome!!!
dude: simmer down now...
por FloraJane 25 de Maio de 2009
49 23
simmer down- to simmer down is to simmer ones self control and to keep ones peace of mind at a controlled state. the term coined by hockey players has expanded throughought the world.

original founder DZ
simmer down KL
por dzdzdzdz 13 de Janeiro de 2012
10 8
it's when a girl actually uses her lips or vagina lips over your penis or anus. (thus vibrating her vagina lips or lips of her mouth) when her mouth has encased your engorged penis, balls, anus, or testicles!
That girl gives good simmer down’s!!!
por john daniel johnson 10 de Julho de 2008
15 100