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A sexual act whereby a man, having dated a woman for some time, relates that his greatest fantasy is to fuck whilst she is pressed up against a large window, such as a sliding door. When the act inevitably happens, the dude whispers in her ear that he is going to finish off in her ass. He withdraws, and at that moment, his friend, waiting in the shadows, emerges and inserts his dick into her ass. The original man then slips out a side door, walks to the front of the window, and waves at his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. She'll wonder how the fuck you pulled that one off.
I found out that my girlfriend cheated on me, so my friend and I pulled a Siegfried and Roy on that dirty bitch!
por Clay 29 de Abril de 2003
In Texas Holdem, when a player is dealt pocket queens, he/she is said to be holding siegfried and roy.

See also double date and the ridiculously vulgar pocket bitches
After he reraised my pocket tens, I went all in...only to find out, to my unquenchable dispair, that he was holding siegried and roy
por Mike 24 de Janeiro de 2005
Tell a girl it's your fantasy to lay pipe from behind with her tits pressed up against a window. During the magic act, grab a handful of hair and force her nose into the glass, keeping her head straight and her face gazing stupidly out the window. Tell her you're gonna finish off balls deep in her ass and pull out giving her a brisk slap on the ass. Now instead of you putting your dick in her ass, have your buddy who was on stand by, jerking off in a dark corner of the room, violate her rubber cheerio and take your place. Then walk outside in front of the window and wave to her. How could one not be impressed by this magic trick?
Named after the famous (and very gay) magicians who perform magic tricks in Vegas.
por MC Menses 02 de Dezembro de 2004
your getting it on with your woman and after about 30 or 35 seconds you realize your rockets ready to launch, but you dont want your woman to know you are a minute man so you quickly pull out and go down on her, and cum on her bed, (or any surface you may be on), and after the seman stops flowing, you put it back in for round 2 before she ever knows what happens. now youve gone from dud to stud, magic! sigfried and roy!
(Gwen Phillips is a Bitch) siegfried and roy
#siegfried and roy #minute man #quicky #gwen #sex
por mike hunt is my name 16 de Julho de 2009
The art of giving a girl an Albino Bunghole Tiger, then having her turn around and bite the tip of your dick off
I gave my girl an Albino Bunghole Tiger and she got upset and retaliated with a siegfried and roy.
#bunghole #tigerstripes #dirty sanchez #anal #cockwipes
por D.S. Bacon 10 de Setembro de 2008
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