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high class and full of pizzaz. In item, object or thing that has a high price tag and tickles the eye.
that was some ring on her finger, so very shwanky.
por shroomies 28 de Junho de 2007
43 27
Slang term for penis.
Man: Suck my shwanky.

Woman: Well, okay.
por SupremeSteez 18 de Julho de 2011
28 24
Hip or cool, used with nouns.
"My day was totally shwanky"
"Far out, dude."
por Drew V 21 de Abril de 2008
19 24
anything good.
"That purse is very shwanky"
por Darian Fitzgerald 27 de Agosto de 2008
7 24
dinky, incompetent, crappy, shitty
That shwanky little piece of shit!
por ksadgjiehga 15 de Fevereiro de 2010
4 31
the act of being a goober lover...
maldy in love with one whom is offically a goober
sean is shwanky for her..
por dannielle 29 de Julho de 2004
8 39