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originated from the famous ikea advert.
"Shlomping is for you-hoo"
por mattyrrsampson 30 de Novembro de 2004
11 8
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Sitting in once place for many hours playing games and eating junk food.
Jered, James, Dylan, Joey, Eric, Shawn, and I shlomped for 18 hours watching dragon ball z.
por Lavawarrior 17 de Dezembro de 2009
7 7
Once we got back from an exhilarating night, we headed to bed and she began to massage my shlomp!
por Dre Tears 25 de Abril de 2010
2 5
sitting in a bent way
dan assleap
por danny cadman 26 de Abril de 2003
3 9
Shlomp. /shh-lowm-p/ adj. colloq. 1. To waste a day by wanking
John : What you do on saturday?

Fred : Spent the day shlomping

John: k
por Smoogenchong 14 de Setembro de 2008
2 9