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a bitch who sucks your dick after fucking her in the ass....even possibly having some of her shit to suck off of your dick
Get the fuck away from me you shit sucking biatch
por Kevin Calvert 13 de Janeiro de 2005
A person who sucks on another ones shit.
Your such a shitsucker!
#shit #suck #your #such #a #shitsucker
por Buttrape Johnson 01 de Março de 2008
my lawer is a real shit sucker
por skip 31 de Março de 2003
A rather agressive homosexual male who is just not satisfied with anal intercourse.
Get the fuck away from me you ass pirate shitsucker!
por obsik 02 de Abril de 2003
A vehicle used to transport human waste.
Bob: "The sewerage tanks are full"
Tom: "Don't worry, the shit sucker is on the way"
por T Junior 14 de Maio de 2003
One who looks for the downer side to everything; a destroyer of fun and happiness. (Derived from a dark hooded character named Shit Sucker that appeared in Zap comics back in the 60s, doing just that.)
"Those damn shit suckers on the Palm Springs city council banned all the young hotties from wearing thongs in public!"
#shit-sucker #downer-freak #pessimist #killjoy #spoilsport #buzzkill
por JonnyTest 21 de Novembro de 2007
A) Someone, usually female, who will lick and suck on a person's anus to excite them

B) Someone who will perform what is known as "ass to mouth" oral sex on someone who has just committed sodomy on them until they ejaculate.
Shirlannc is a major league shit sucker! She licked my ass until I was hard then sucked me off after I banged her asshole!
#shit #fuck #piss #cunt #cocksucker #tits #rape #anal #ass
por rpbt001 30 de Outubro de 2010
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