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So Happy It's Thursday
Used in the same manner as "Thank God It's Friday"
por J. Crispino 07 de Novembro de 2003

Acronym for Super Hydraulic Instant Transporter
Apparently no SHIT's have been made yet with today's technology
por Roy Fenton 11 de Outubro de 2006
Super High Intensity Training
Mother:"Where you going son"

Son:"Fer some S.H.I.T."
por the_surf 15 de Janeiro de 2006
Slang term for the black people.
look at that disgusting shit nigger.
por sfafghdhea 10 de Janeiro de 2006
any kind of item that has no value!
You got more shit than waste managment!!
por Wade Mc 13 de Outubro de 2006
The male genitalia described as a collective.

See also junk.
See also scrap.
1. I couldn't get my shit up last night.
2. My bitch loves to lick my shit (perform fellatio).
por Col. Dr. 23 de Abril de 2006