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When you go to fart and a little shit comes out instead
Lets go man I just Sharded in my pants!!
por Tyler Durden 31 de Janeiro de 2004
211 95
How fucking retarded people say "sharted" which is a mixture of the words shit and fart. The people who say sharded are just the kinds of people who say "libery" and "amblance".
Retard: "Yo that dude just totally sharded!"

Person who understands how words work: "You mean 'sharted'?"
por babykiller111 12 de Novembro de 2010
72 38
When one has eaten the wrong food, perhaps something rich and creamy, then tries to fart, but accidentaly shits himself a little bit too.
OMG I can't believe James sharded in Filth; he thought he could get away with a discreet fart, but instead he crapped his pants.
por cheekytina 31 de Maio de 2008
33 68
any form of crapping anything in peices usually with explosive diahrehia
"Wow!!!, i just sharded a pineapple!" "I think my sfincter broke!!"
por Alsho Dormingouny 10 de Janeiro de 2007
11 52
Having blown out your internal organs during a fart.
OMG!, Trenor just sharded!!
por UlTiMaTeDoWnFaLl 13 de Março de 2007
24 78