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to be hot,fine,sexy,ect. its a different speeling of sexy
Damn girl u sexii!!! or
dat 6 pak is so hott and sexii
por johns1babii4lyf 21 de Janeiro de 2005
Another spelling for Sexy
1. You are soooooo sexii!
2. That's so sexii!
por <3KinkyLover<3 06 de Setembro de 2006
Sexii simply means sexy or hott. Sexii is more commonly used by "Preps" or "Electrikk" people.
" OMG, Check out that guy"
" I know, isnt he sexii?"
por Tha EmO BeaUtie 26 de Junho de 2005
2 hott,sexii,fine,anythin like dat
John: damn girl u sexii
por johns1babii4lyf 19 de Janeiro de 2005