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Abbreviation of "awesem," a slang version of "awesome." used commonly on student film sets in the Chicago area to refer to something extremely cool or pleasing.
- "hey, the car mount is ready."
- "SEM."
por SylviaToo 23 de Janeiro de 2010
22 8
Sexually Enhanced Males
"Did you see that guy over there?"
"OMG yesssss, must have been a SEM"
por urbandictionaryperson123456789 23 de Outubro de 2011
16 10
The greatest person in the history of the universe, everyone who meets him wants to be him or be with him.
Man I wish I was Sem!
por Erin Maxwell 27 de Maio de 2011
22 16
SEM: Self-centered Egoistic Maniac

A person who has the highest opinion for himself/herself that is very annoying.

Someone who is obsessed with himself.
Person #1: Look at her. She is obsessed with herself.
Person #2: She is such a SEM.
por Jana-Blonde 29 de Junho de 2009
19 27
Sem: Semen Eating Monster
A ugly, fat, skanky, female. Most likely has some sort STD, like crabs or scabies. Likes to fuck anything with a penis. An outcast.
a) That bitch is such a SeM, its discusting.
b) Fuck that SeM and her skanky ass.
por kjdfhgfhdf 07 de Março de 2007
30 43
(n) Ebonics for the number seven.
"I keep it crunk twenny fo'-sem!"
por Lil Dre 21 de Março de 2006
11 33