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Non-religious. Not to be confused with atheistic.
Government should be secular.
por liz 24 de Dezembro de 2004
Intelligent; One who uses common sense and deductive reasoning to come to the conclusion that religion is a joke.
I think, therefore I am secular!
por OppressedIntellectual 09 de Dezembro de 2007
The state of going against logic.
Joe: Hello Bob.
Bob: Hi, Joe.
Joe: What do you think about religion?
Bob: Oh, I'm secular.
Joe: Oh.
Bob: Hey, let's eat dirt.
Joe: That doesn't sound very healthy.
Bob: Okay, fine. Will you come with me later on to talk to some trees? They're full of wisdom, you know.
por fklajopeoaidfsklafjaiej 17 de Janeiro de 2008