The thing that will fuck you up the ass for the rest of your life.
Boy, school really fucked me in the ass today.
por marcothetaco 21 de Maio de 2015
A government institution designed to torment the minds of innocent children who could have had a bright future, if it wasn't for school.
This is what the average student such as myself goes through on a typical school day:

7:00 AM: As I arrive at the school, first period (Science) has begun. I take a seat at my desk and proceed to take orders by the "teacher", about five minutes in, his directions for the assignment are so boring, that I just put my head in my arms and go back to sleep. I am awakened by an idiot shaking my desk "for the fun of it". I sigh, and as I take out the tenth paper relating to my assignment, a student "accidentally" trips over my bag, and falls down, which ends up giving me detention for "tripping a student". This is such bullshit that I tell myself that I am not, under any circumstances, going to this detention. As I finish writing 10 papers about how the mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell, my whole arm is badly aching and turning red, I turn this into the teacher, who just shoves it back into my arms, for not writing the assignment in cursive. He tells me that he will give me another detention for not "doing the assignment". The massive amount of anger inside of me is barley being controlled at this point. Thankfully, the best part of class comes, the end of the period where people are packing up.

After lunch, the school day ends. When I get home, I go straight to sleep to make up all of the lost sleep in the morning.
Jimmy: damn, I dont wanna go to school!
Bob: Me neither, that place is literally hell on earth.
por Young Illumi 03 de Maio de 2015
Teacher: Who likes school?
Pupil: Not Me
Teacher: Why?
Pupil: 'cause it is six cruel hours of our lives
Teacher; Oh....
por CuddlingPanda124 01 de Maio de 2015
Place with so many stupid ass rules. Public policies are better.
For such rules, school is on the SMD list.
por negrosahn 01 de Maio de 2015
a place to see the firey depths of hell and become satans minion.......

ANNNNNNNNND make enemies and to make friends that you will never see again when you leave school.
Person 1: Ugh, school!

Person 2: I know right, It's fucking hell
por dating5sos 28 de Abril de 2015
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