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Annoying, old, ubersite motherfucker who thinks that TigerLily, Circe, Val, Urbane and Munkeypants all want to be his toys.

One day he will realize he's too damn old
"that old man reminds me of shlongy. pitiful"
por Hands Rambone 08 de Maio de 2005
25 14

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God-like Uberuser. Second in command to some dork named bart. Voted "Uberite I'd most like to screw" in a top secret poll taken in 2004. Also spelled "Shlongy".
I love Shlongy. I also love Cheez-Its, Glen livet 18, Marlboro reds in the box, and sweet smelling vagina.
por Jacques Meoffe 03 de Fevereiro de 2005
34 25
Old, washed-out, chronic masturbator whose only claim to fame is posing for and producing goatse pics.
That fucking schlongy.
por Bart Cilfone 02 de Junho de 2005
12 6
Ubersite user that likes to suck schlong.
Schlongy likes to lick the big schlong.
por jeff holmes 30 de Janeiro de 2005
18 12