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The person you room with. A form of "roomie" but a lot more thug.
I'm going to go uptown with my rooms and tear ish up.
por J S dot money 12 de Dezembro de 2005
a secific place inside a house
one room in the house is a living room.
por Kayyyyyyyyyyyy 03 de Março de 2009
An abreviation of the expression 'Room Temperature', meaning plain or neutral. Most commonly used in reference to physical appearance; someone who is neither attractive or unattractive.
"Do I think Lindsay Lohan is hot? Erm... I don't know... maybe. Can't quite decide one way or the other. I'd say she's room."
por scoole 24 de Outubro de 2009
Memory space on a hard drive.
Sorry, I can't download that porn video, I have no more room.
por Olivier Cyr 18 de Agosto de 2007