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An intense stare meant to intimidate or correct its target. (Originated within Benny Goodman's orchestra; the name was given to the stare that Goodman gave to his musicians.)
If you weren't playing the chart the way Goodman wanted you to play it, he'd give you the ray. It was very unsettling.
por Todd W. Zimmerman 01 de Fevereiro de 2007
Weed or a drug you smoke
wiz khalifa says "got ray ? roll it then"
por That 412 Kid 27 de Janeiro de 2008
..A ray of sunshine in my life .. a man with an amazingly big penis that can satisfy you over and over.. a guy i want to live in a box, or flat, with forever and fall in love with..maybe. <3
omg he totally ray'ed her last night ;)
por iloveyourspikeyhair 08 de Fevereiro de 2010
Slang for cocaine (see cokey ray from pelican bay)
if you are ordering cocaine from one of your mates on the phone and your mum is in the room, eg:
Jim: have you seen ray?
john: yeah how much you want!
por andy rome 20 de Julho de 2004
Like Peter! except you say RAY! with alot more power and alot more words:
"Oh RAY!"
"Fuck Me RAY!"
"Up The Bum RAY!"
"Harder RAY!"
por GirlSkater 23 de Fevereiro de 2004
The most caring guy on this planet,understanding,sexy curly hair and just enough hair on his chest,always there for you,smarter then he gives himself credit for,the bestest cook i know,wants to only make you smile,says the sweetest things and actually means it,when he promises forever and a day count on him to take your breath away,my love,my everything,Ray.
Ray Ray knows how to make my day everyday
por eraddd 02 de Dezembro de 2010
a retired pimp from jamaica
i reel like a ray right now
por rayregime 06 de Março de 2009