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She is really special and pretty amazing. She has dark hair, fair skin, and dark beautiful eyes. She is a great friend, and always knows what to say in a time of need. She is usually a wonderful kisser and certainly has lots of sex appeal. Boys are intimidated by her, and girls are jealous of her. She usually falls for the wrong type of guy, ending up with a broken heart. She is a very sensitive person but very emotionally strong. She won't take any bullshit and has a good heart.
-Raine walks by, earphones on, eyes closed, day dreaming but her steps are graceful.-
boy 1: Wow.

boy 2: Wow.

boy 3: breathless.
por Someone4444 17 de Dezembro de 2011
The awesome emo girl in your english class you know that looks sexy as hell but you cant say anything to her 'cuz she will probably rip your head off.ussualy falls in love with assholes
person 1: that girl raine is FINE
por lalalalalalalalaland 21 de Maio de 2009
Raine is the most beautiful girl you can find. She normally has dark hair, brown eyes, and light skin. Raine strives in every subject but mainly science and math. She is usually very shy and quiet until you really get to meet her, she's outgoing and is a great person to converse with. In a sexual sense, Raine's can get really freaky and is a great kisser with lots of sexual appeal. Though she likes to keep it classy. Raine's will never hang with fuckboi's and has great taste in choosing the right boys. She will get overly nervous too much but eventually will calm down and will be great to talk with. Raine is the kind of person you want to keep in your life.
Boy 1: Damn! That Raine is hot af :o
Boy 2: Woah.. She is literally the smartest girl I've ever met..... I wanna bone er
Girl: Ugh that Raine is at it again taking my spotlight :'(
por Fergilish 17 de Julho de 2015
a hot blonde that is fun to be with a great soccer player and has a great body and you always want to be with her.
most raine's middle names r taylor
por Hudner!! 16 de Junho de 2009
Girl who is not bright. The dumb one.
That girl is such a raines.
por lalalalalababe 25 de Outubro de 2011

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