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The act of fucking the living shit out of something or someone, preferably a female.
Damn dude, I fuckin' railed that ho all night.
por anonymous 28 de Dezembro de 2002
505 120
To fuck in a rough, hard manner.
I railed that bitch so hard, when I shot it, it fuckin' came out her nose.
por Doug O. 28 de Dezembro de 2002
315 115
Fucking a person within an inch of her life. Or just as hard.
I wanna rail the fuck out of jackie rust.
por like I'm gonna tell you. seriously 06 de Novembro de 2004
237 106
To have wild wild sex. Usually pinning someone up to a wall and given'r. Suggesting a women is on the rails of a train track and you keep pulling her into the station.
"Just fuckin railed her"
por Poopybumm 25 de Fevereiro de 2008
122 70
To have snorted something.
Dude, that shit we railed last night was good!
por Mr. X 20 de Fevereiro de 2005
170 125
To slam, or "bang" the sexual organ out of the opposite sex.
Jake railed Christina every Thanksgiving.
por JGreeneeee 25 de Abril de 2006
95 64
When you "rail" something that usually means that you cut up something, like a pill, into a fine powder and then you snort it.
Fuck man, I can't beleive you railed a quadstack in one go!
por NorCal potsmoker 18 de Março de 2009
34 53