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A slang-term used in British English to describe something as "first class" or "absolutely genuine".
That DVD is no "bootleg". It's pukka.
por Anonymongo 20 de Novembro de 2006
370 123
Used as an expression of quality - one of the many catchphrases used by celebrity twat Jamie Oliver.
"Being a chef is pukka."
por Mad Walrus 06 de Agosto de 2002
151 97
pukka the best off the very best-pure
yo jay this shit is pukka trust
por kerrie_j 01 de Fevereiro de 2008
48 32
It's a Hindi word popularized by Jamie Oliver. It literally means 'cooked', but when used in slang, it gives emphasis. And the British twat pronounces it wrong - you say 'PUK-kah', not 'pukka'.

It can mean everything is okay, finished, complete.
Jim, this is the pukka weed my friend. Where did you find it?

He forgot the ketchup? This MacDo isn't pukka!
por suspectedterrorist 31 de Maio de 2005
140 124
slang for weed
i've got some bare pukkas
por Katie__ox 02 de Outubro de 2008
19 10
Pukka. it means the real mcCoy, genuine, echt, the real deal, bona fide, original.

'that thing about pukka being chinese slang for bitches was a load of shite'
por Gavin's friend 19 de Abril de 2006
65 58
class weed
pukka fucks u up
por CraigyB 04 de Julho de 2003
39 58