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Publice Service Announcement. Rarely used as an acronym.
This following snow warning is a public service announcement.
por Naugahyde 06 de Março de 2004
655 70
A protein made specifically by the prostate gland -- Prostate Specific Antigen. It is measured by a blood test, and is used for screening for prostate cancer and checking for the results of treating that disease.
James saw his doctor today, since he was upset that his PSA was over ten thousand (normal is up to four). Then he went to make final arrrangements.
por Dr. Rosebud 02 de Julho de 2005
116 95
Profound and Sincere Apologies
For use in emails, "I completely messed up PSA"
por Emmsb 12 de Janeiro de 2011
46 64
Pacific Southwest Airlines headquartered in San Diego, California. Featured Smileliners (Airplanes with smiles painted on the nose). Purchased by USAir in 1987
"PSA, Catch our smile!"
por uva185 04 de Maio de 2006
56 78
Penis Sucking Association
Penis Sucking Association( P.S.A.) has now opened it's door for more gay members. I (slicer)along with my bf Patton lead this gay group.
por Slicer PSA 26 de Junho de 2012
28 52
penis still attached.
Don: omg she's hot.
Ted: I don't think your ready for her.
Don: why not?
Ted: she's got the psa...
por MLH2o 25 de Janeiro de 2011
40 69
Personal sale assisant
This PSA told me I should upgrade my computer instead of buying a new one.
por Alexandre22 17 de Novembro de 2007
28 57