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I'm so pretty!!
por PrettyLittleLiar6470 20 de Agosto de 2011
5 36
That is really tight
I'm so sexy and pretty
por NicoleK 04 de Fevereiro de 2010
18 77
A girl that is sexually attractive.
A girl that is hot
A girl that has a nice face, body, etc.
Briana Banks is so young and sweet and pretty
por John Doe 21 de Janeiro de 2004
310 431
To denote sarcasm. Usually accompanied by a raise in pitch of the speakers voice. Written in capitals when used in text.
A: How good is double maths this afternoon?
B: Maths is PRETTY fun.

A: Mr. Smith said we have to help clean up after school.
B: Yeah i'm PRETTY gonna do that.
por unknownuser416 15 de Novembro de 2007
53 180
Jessica Rae Ann Lang
Jessica you are pretty!
por BrianC 11 de Julho de 2006
25 153
a real pretty girl w/ nice features
Lindsay Lohan is a FUCKIN ugly ass CARROT CROTCH! Asian girls are pretty.
por vallerie 28 de Março de 2005
240 399
pretty muuuch! aka Pri tay!
U got that junk?
por FastBreak 21 de Janeiro de 2004
35 204