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Deep seated desire for power due to current position of no power (Accompanied by little penis)
Everyone in the game kept complaining that that he was a powermonger, even though he sucked.
por Uber Khan was here 06 de Maio de 2003
22 12
Similiar to whoemonger, however, instead of an attraction to prostitues the word describes a person who enjoys being surrounded by power, attention and self-imposed importance. They always strive for more attention and influence.
Person A: I'm not really sure who I want to vote for. I think Hillary Clinton is qualified to be the President, but I just don't like her.

Person B: Yeah, maybe she is qualified but she's a certified power monger. Power mongers never win.
por AcademyKP03 22 de Junho de 2010
9 5
A flower that evolved after the Chernobyl disaster. Quite an ugly flower.
Hey look, I grew a third eye but that is alright - I look great if I put a powermonger in my hair to cover the third eye!
por Your Momma UK 06 de Maio de 2003
2 10
Freudian reference to ones love of one mother.
You sick bastard! You love your mother?? Weird!
por Eat my CAH CAH UK 06 de Maio de 2003
1 10
An ugly person
The chicks at the bar were all running in disgust from the that powermonger
por Dude looks like a lady 06 de Maio de 2003
0 9
Person with two heads
He was freaking me out, he smoked some serious hog with those powermongers
por U K BAH BANG! 06 de Maio de 2003
2 11
A fudge packer who keeps using the saying SSSOOOO GOOODDDD
Piss off asswipe
por Uber Good Definition! 07 de Maio de 2003
3 13