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A phrase usually stated during a basketball game in which one player embarasses another player by either vigorously blocking his/her shot or emphatically dunking over someone
(after somebody dunks over Kwame Brown)
Marv Albert: And (insert player name) puts Kwame Brown on the poster.

or simply

(in a mournful voice)
(player name)...........welcome to the poster
#poster #basket #ball #embarass #marv #albert #nba #kwame #brown
por Russell Baker 26 de Maio de 2008
Bulletin board author
A user who authors a "post" in an online bulletin board.
por Jonathan Corley 04 de Dezembro de 2004
Really hott chicks that just sit at parties, and do nothing but look hot, talk shit, text, dance for five seconds, and do absolutely nothing with guys. Compared to a poster, because just like a poster, you can only look at their inutile beauty.
Damn, look at dat poster over there doin' nuttin but postin'.

Look at dat poster sitting on another poster like a post-it note.

Man, you see that fine ass bitch over there sitting with her friends doing nothing but texting, ignoring guys, and gossiping. Yeah, don't talk to her she's a poster.
#cockblock #succubus #gold digger #bitch #sexy
por Sonnybun 25 de Abril de 2010
Parent over shoulder abbreviation. Used as a disguise for POS.
Jim: nope

Jack: ok
por Fredy 28 de Maio de 2005
(n.) A hipster-poser. Someone who claims to be a hipster, but doesn't fully commit to the conventions associated with it. i.e. liking music before it was popular, rejecting social norms, drinking coffee from Starbucks, etc.
"Look at that poster, shopping at Old Navy. He used to be cool, man." *drags on cigarette*
#hipster #poser #poster #hippie #starbucks #old navy #uncool #cool #convention #social
por PrimitiveMan 21 de Junho de 2011
an ugly little boy that looks like a girl. usually has an ogre looking girlfriend, and loves to call people rude and aweful names. all together he is a bad person..
"OMG, dude you're being such a poster right now."
#ugly #ogre #rude #aweful #bad
por olgga 23 de Janeiro de 2008
another form of the word cool; to approve of
I just saw that movie and it was totally poster
#cool #sweet #awesome #tight #right-on
por jboev 12 de Abril de 2007
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