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To obtain (5) Five of a kind on the first roll of the dice, or to obtain (5) Five of a kind during the first deal of the cards.

This is not to be confused with the game of "Yahtzee" which uses 3 rolls of the dice to obtain 5 of a kind for a score.
"I just rolled a po'ki, that's worth 100 points."

"Alright I was just dealt a po'ki in the first hand."
por Po'Ki 21 de Setembro de 2009

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Samoan for penis.
Dat Damoan get one ono poki!
por Honey Girl 19 de Junho de 2004
Derivative of POKE. Usually used to draw someone's attention in a chat window.

retali-poki! Hi how are you?
por Carl Mojoni 06 de Agosto de 2005