an acronym of a specific name you'd give after a person called Perri. Perri Insisted on Something Special.
Meet my penguin, his name is PISS
#penguin #perri #special #names #acronym
por bomgstudios94 08 de Janeiro de 2010
A way to answer the phone, not unlike the tourette's guy.
Now I have to pick up the damn phone! *picks up phone* Piss.
#piss #tourettes #tourettes guy #urine #shit
por wallzy14 20 de Outubro de 2007
alcohol. partiularly beer. -most likely because of the colour.
"I've been drinking piss all afternoon and now I can hardly stand..."
por fakington 02 de Março de 2003
1. Pee
2. Way to express anger
1. Hold on, I need to take a piss.
2. Man: Hey where's my Gameboy?
Other man: Ummm... I dropped it in the toilet.
Man: Piss!
#piss #pee #anger #tourettes #toilet
por Danny Tourettes Guy 06 de Julho de 2014
A unit of time that is equal to the amount of time that it takes to take a piss.
I a have it fixed in one piss.
#shit #dump #shit wager #bank shiting #fecal money
por Judge dredd7 19 de Janeiro de 2012
An acronym for "Play It Safe, Stupid."
She wanted me to ride bareback, but I insisted on the PISS method and wore a rubber.
#p.i.s.s. #k.i.s.s. #kiss #piss method #kiss method
por Stratelejazzuar 01 de Junho de 2011
A vulgar term used in the same way as the word "Crap" or something to that effect. Used when an accident occurs, or someone is angry.
1. Holy Piss, I forgot to finish my history paper last night!

2. Piss I spilled the juice on the counter!
#piss #crap #damn #shit #fuck
por For-reala 25 de Janeiro de 2009
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