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When something is really good
Man that shit was on time!
por J roc 18 de Julho de 2004
On TimeA quality given to Hott, good looking, sexy, fuckable, all of the above...Women
That girl is On Time!
#hott #good looking #sexy #fuckable #pretty
por Skinibal Lecter 09 de Abril de 2007
(n.) Receiving any item, or service from someone which comes into play in a timely manner, or clutch moment.

(adj.) can also describe a very good action or occurence
Yo Bubba, I was talkin to a sexy bitch at the bars but she had this hideous grenade who wouldnt leave her side. Thank God Biz was there to take one for the team.... so on time.
#on time #clutch #timely #accordingly #excellent
por (blank) the ginny 23 de Dezembro de 2010
police or federal agencies that enforce law
the on-times crashed the party
#on #time #popo #50 #cops #crashers
por scboi7894 10 de Julho de 2008
1. To arrive at a specific place or event at or before the designed meeting or start time.
2. To pay with exact change.
1. Ronnie arrived at the show on time.
2. When paying his dinner bill, Rasheed was on time.
por Lemmy 05 de Abril de 2004
When something is great view just what you are looking for or needed
man that beer is on time
por Arthursays 31 de Março de 2016
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