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To put ice in one's beverage, used mostly with drinks containing liquor.
Hey Tony! Get me a Corona on the rocks!
por Mercy Fucking Bell 24 de Agosto de 2004
295 58
poured over ice (usually said of liquor)
I think I'll a scotch on the rocks.
por Light Joker 21 de Outubro de 2005
221 92
Describing a drink, usually containing alcohol, with ice in it.
I'll have a vodka on the rocks.
por Heart Arcade 07 de Agosto de 2005
135 44
1. in a ruined condition

2. poured over ice(usually said of alcoholic beverages)
The global economy may be on the rocks, but that does not seem to have stopped anyone from enjoying a scotch on the rocks.
por The Return of Light Joker 09 de Março de 2009
117 44
When a marriage is going to run aground like a boat on a foggy reef..
Shaz's marriage was on the rocks due to her insensitivity to her husbands foot odor and halitosis.
por Blue Cawdrey 23 de Novembro de 2004
80 81
Hard or erect. Generally used in reference to the penis.
Dr: It appears this mans penis is only 3.2 inches long.
Nurse: On the rock Doctor?
Dr: I'm afraid so.

por Scoot123 30 de Janeiro de 2008
16 17
Somebody high on crack cocaine
I'm not sure how that guy is supposed to be served..
But I sure like Vodka "on the rocks" better.
por Altti Kuronen 09 de Fevereiro de 2008
27 68