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A "dive" in which the diver jumps in feet first with one leg in front of them and one leg behind them, usually causing pain in the groin area.
"He just did a nutcracker into the water!"
"He won't be walkin for a while."
por teh pwn 05 de Janeiro de 2006
12 18
In military history, a nutcracker is where two nations, either side of a strong one attack on both fronts, making it near impossible for the cracker'd country to win. This was how world war II was won, when the soviet union attacked Germany, eventually pushing it inwards. The best defence against this is to merely use a small battalion of guerilla-styled troops to bombard all the attack points of the weaker and less enthusiastic enemy with long range weaponry, while taking the main army to the main enemy. The weaker enemy will just camp up while the stronger enemy, disheartened to hear the nutcracker did not work, will have to go solo.
The French attempted to nutcracker the English and Welsh by means of alliance with Scotland. When the countries united in 1705, the new United Kingdom was an almost invincible force on home territory.
por Kung-Fu Jesus 03 de Maio de 2004
20 26
Gang parlance meaning a person whom shows no hesitation, even a readiness and anticipation, in shooting a gun at another person.
"Don't mess with that fool. He a nutcracker fo sho. He sleeps with his AK-47!"
por mabdallah 29 de Julho de 2009
3 11
A male with abnormally juicy thighs. They are so big, that his testes are in danger of cracking in between them as he walks.
" Hey Bill, Mr. Darcy is a real nutcracker." " Yea those are some big ass thighs."
por Juicalicious 22 de Abril de 2010
5 15
A female politician commonly known for busting balls and staying with unfaithful husbands.
Hillary Clinton is a nutcracker.
por aubreydwoodsshannon 21 de Março de 2008
22 33
That will be your mouth.
Listen asshole just shut your Nutcracker.
por Bored!!! 26 de Fevereiro de 2009
1 13
Placing your scrotum into someones mouth, them proceeding to punch the top of their head as hard as you can in a downwards motion.
Paul: I bet you don't have the balls to do it.
Even if you do, you'll never have the balls to do it again.

Silas: Oh yeah!? Well I'll be getting a Nutcracker TONIGHT!
por Butt Hed 19 de Março de 2009
1 16