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to masturbate whilst wearing a suit of armor
i was nerbling in the fortress
por Sarah & Mark 21 de Janeiro de 2005
An exclamation that puts "adjahgfjdagfk" into a definable word.
Stubbed your toe: "nerbles!"
Forgot to study for a test: "nerbles!"
Friend is acting ridiculous: "nerbles!"
por People are funny 29 de Outubro de 2011
A nerble is a musical term usually referring to an unpleasant combination of multiple notes occurring all at once, which also has absolutely nothing to do with erect nipples, or masturbation.
Flute: "dcefecgef" = wrong = unpleasant = nerble!
por dingdangdongdizzle 18 de Fevereiro de 2010
located on the ta ta, another word for nipple. caution, may become erect.
"Oh my, she has nice nerbles!"
por jrekim 18 de Janeiro de 2006