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Something magical or mysterious.
That's so mysto
por caspian886 20 de Agosto de 2011
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An unsolvable mystery. A man appearing to be a woman or vice versa.
That fella is a real mysto, oh wait, it's not a fella at all.
por Bill from RNOC 19 de Agosto de 2011
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An abbreviation for 'mystical'. Coined back in the sixties when any experience with drugs were considered mystical.
Matt: "Yo dude, did you try some of that trippy acid?"
Pete: "Yeah man, it was mysto, dig?"
por Kidnap The DJ 18 de Agosto de 2011
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An abbreviation for mystical.
"It's phony, goddamn it but mysto and after a while it starts to infect you, like an itch, the roseola." p.19 of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, by Tom Wolfe.
por ASlateReader 20 de Agosto de 2011
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an abbreviation for mystical
Woh, man. This church feels so mysto.
por mystodude 19 de Agosto de 2011
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An abbreviation for "mystical."
It was mysto why there wasn't a definition on Urban Dictionary for "mysto," so I made one, immediately after some dumbass on Slate said there wasn't one, rather than just making one himself.
por Kenboy 19 de Agosto de 2011
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