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Mook is another name for ejaculating (cumming). I sugest everyone use it.
Go mook off. Your such a mooker. I mooked on your mom. MOOK!
por xDeadSoldier93 31 de Janeiro de 2009
A mustache-filled kiss.
I'm just trying to avoid another mook.
por iris202 07 de Janeiro de 2009
pete v
pete v is such a mook
por cmmnj 29 de Dezembro de 2008
A mook is a hoar/skank/e-hoar that's good for nothing, and doesn't put out, yet still takes your money/time/resources.
Jessica/Jawnty is a perfect example of a mook.
por Finneh 28 de Setembro de 2007
to fuck, to bone
dude, i last night i mooked that chick at the party
por mookfest 09 de Dezembro de 2008
The sound a moose makes.
the moose said "mook" when it started to snow
por Alaska Joe Schmo 02 de Dezembro de 2008
Space between butt hole and top of ass crack.
as you can see that plumber has one hairy mook .
por Ellis Miller 18 de Janeiro de 2008