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Australian version of candy.
Therefore also used to mean an ecstacy tablet (which is sometimes called candy).
"You fellas right for lollies?"
"Do u want to buy any ecstacy?"
por Diego 08 de Novembro de 2003
Australian, n, sweets; candy; confectionery;
I gave her flowers and lollies like a real gentleman. She still wouldnt put out though.
por herbie 31 de Agosto de 2004
a blowjob, sucking dicks
Barry the Baptist: Hello son, would you like a lolly? - Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
por hafriz 25 de Outubro de 2006
another word for a friend, pal, chum, etc.
"Lolly, would you mind if i borrowed this?"
por Jameeeeeson 09 de Fevereiro de 2007
1) Australian for "candy"

2) A quality of music, that is soft, catchy, bright, upbeat etc. sugar-y music.
1) Mum can I have a lolly.

2) This songs pretty lolly, but i dont mind it still.
por xxoo 14 de Maio de 2003
slang term for money, cold hard cash.
"how 'bout a lil lolly." - Charlie
"and what may i ask is lolly" - Eglantine
"cash, cold hard chash" - Charlie
por Jakke 09 de Julho de 2005
The drug Extacy
Gonna score some lollies then head over to this rave
por ravedude34 23 de Fevereiro de 2010