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A European douche bag (most commonly a French one).
Jay: Hey Tommy, check out Frenchie over here!
Tommy: Yeah, I know, what a Le Douche
por ThatKid69 10 de Junho de 2009
23 6
v. to be a douchebag with a desperate nature.

v. having sex every night with random sluts to feel complete
n. canadian
yo you were being a real ledouche last night.

did you ledouche those ho's?
por rachel roseiol 31 de Agosto de 2009
2 3
A mock sneezing sound meant to mask the fact that you are calling someone a douche.
Person A: Check out my sweet Van Halen tatoo across my back!
Person B: {fake sneezing sound} LeDouche
por Butiki T 22 de Janeiro de 2008
3 4
a complete, slow-moving idiot or moron.
Josh yelled to Jered “Hurry the fuck up Le Douche. This shit has to be done today.”
por jslow3 02 de Fevereiro de 2008
8 21
can mean either "cool" or hott, or ugly or stupid, depening on the sentence.
Good : kelly, your outfit is so le douche!
Bad : Ew, her outfit was soo le douche last night!
por gvnther 15 de Março de 2008
8 26