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The Short Bus Cult Messiah. Forum Admin on AT. A beer drinking Canuck who preys on the intelligence of the Sh*tlisted.
SL'r: "My brother must of disconnected after it was done"
Jebus: "You and your Brother can enjoy Public Purgatory, while felating each other in the back seat of the Short Bus"
por The Real Jebus 08 de Julho de 2006
28 45
A word originaly used by Homer Simpson while on a rafting trip full of mishap and adventure and later when he became a missionary.
"Save me Jebus!" (extra ten letters)
por Matt Jack 27 de Junho de 2006
30 47
-Jebus- a substitute for Jesus, dont piss him off, hell cause another tsunami.
Person: Jebus your ghay
Jebus: You will regret that *uses power to shrink persons penis*
Person: :'-( hey, give it back
por CalumT 06 de Maio de 2005
10 27
The cousin of Jesus.
Kid - "Did Jesus have any relatives?"
Pastor - "Well. He had a cousin Jebus."
por Jeff Belcher 04 de Fevereiro de 2007
28 46
Jesus's brother (twin).
Holy shit, it's not Jesus, it's Jebus
por Garry Stewart 17 de Julho de 2006
53 73
A reincarnation of Jesus who was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Effectively, a southern Jesus. Also the subject of bad exclamations
"Holy Jebus on a pogostick!"

"Has anyone seen Jebus lately?"
por Zente 02 de Junho de 2005
18 38
The correct spelling of Jeebus, according to the Simpsons guides.
"Help! Save me, Jebus!"
por The S 12 de Abril de 2005
27 47