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Shorthand form for "I Don't Care".
Person1: what did you think about that play?
Person2: idc for it
por Ruben Mothballs 05 de Julho de 2003
I Dont Care
turbulenc said koolash, i told him idc.
por Frank 18 de Novembro de 2003
Acronym for "I don't care." Extremely bitchy because it implies that the person doesn't even care enough to type three words.
Girl: How do you like my new nail polish?
Boy: idc
Girl: oh you bitch
por skrillymau5 16 de Setembro de 2011
"I don't care".
John: I got a new dog! :D
Bob: idc.
por amitkk 02 de Setembro de 2013
I dont care
Idc if she's comming shes a biatch
por Bobisnt myrealname 16 de Outubro de 2014
I Don't Care
Lisa: Girl, he's telling everyone you <3 to suck dick. He said you take it in the back door!
Kelly: IDC I do, He must be thinking about it to talk so much. I'm not getting pregnant. Besides, Do what your good at. My boyfriend never complains about it.
Rina: HE said you were a one night stand
Kelly: IDC

Lisa: He said your a whore.
Kelly: Takes one... doesn't it? I'm content with who I am. Can we talk about something else now?
Rina: But he said...
Kelly: IDC really I don't. I've g2g let his atobitons know the more he hates the more hurt he looks!
por Picies((((<<<fsh} 09 de Dezembro de 2009
in due course
yea i'll get 'round to that idc
por maxwell mouse 25 de Setembro de 2011

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